Parent Species of Plants We Offer:
Commelina dianthifolia - A native US plant that occupies woodsides, where it grows up to 24" tall and spreads up to 16" wide.  The
blue-green lanced shaped leaves are up to 8" long and give way to the pale blue flowers in early summer, with flowers being up to 1"
across.  Native to Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona.
Commelina (Dayflower)
Genus of over 100 species of fibrous or tuberous perennials and mat-forming annuals.  A
native plant to Africa, Asia, North America, and South America.  The lance-shaped leaves are
borne on the thick stems alternately.  The flowers are three petaled, emerge one at a time from
the terminal bracts, and last the duration of one day.  This is where the name dayflower
originated.  Each plant has multiple flowering bracts, which give way to hundreds of flowers
each season.
Commelina (Dayflower) Growing Tips
  • Plant in a well-drained soil that has been incorporated with organic matter, and is within
    a pH range of 6.0-7.0.  
  • This plant can easily be cultivated outside its hardiness range.  To do so,  lift tubers
    before the first heavy frost, pack in sawdust, and store in a frost free area.  When, the
    soil temperatures warm up in spring plant the tubers back outside.
  • When, growing in containers incorporate sand into the planting medium for proper
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Commelina dianthifolia 'Electric Blue'
Captivating blue blooms are borne everyday
above attractive grass-like glossy green foliage.

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