Aubretia (Rockcress)
Genus that contains some 12 species of evergreen perennials.  The characteristic mat forming
or low mounding habits occupy rocky scapes, scree, and coniferous woodland in Europe to
Central Asia.  The small leaves are obovate or oblong and are entirely full or slightly toothed
with a mid-green color.  Flowers are borne in racemes, are 4-petaled and are produced
abundantly in spring.
Aubretia (Rockcress) Growing Tips
  • Plant in a well-drained soil that has been enriched with organic matter or has a moderate
    organic content.
  • The optimum pH range for aubretia is 6.5-8.5.
  • If growing plants in containers use garden soil or a compost based potting mix.  Avoid peat
    products if over-wintering pots outside.
  • After initial watering in allow plants to dry before irrigating again.  This will encourage roots
    to go deeper which creates a more drought tolerant plant.
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