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Aquilegia (Columbine)
The columbine is a very sought after plant for its unique flower and leaf forms.  Dispersed
throughout the Northern Hemisphere areas of the world, this clump forming perennial is at
home in open woodlands, mountainous areas, and meadows.  The divided leaves are broke
down in 2 to 3 lobes, are bluish green in color, and held nicely above the ground.  In spring
and early summer flowers of a variety of colors and forms are borne over top the basal rosette
of leaves.  This genus contains many exciting and unique cultivars that shine in the shade.
Aquilegia (Columbine) Growing Tips
Columbines prefer woodland settings, and especially like growing under deciduous trees that
enable winter/early spring sun and summer shade.  Aquileiga vulgaris species and cultivars can
be grown in full sun, as long as the soil stays evenly moist at all times.  Mixing compost into
the planting hole helps maintain a more even soil moisture and fertilizes a growing plant.            
When, growing plants under trees make sure the pH is in a safe range of 5.5-7.0, as many tree
leaves acidify soils through decomposition.  Add hydrated lime if soil pH is too low.  Side dress
plants annually in the early spring with either a form of organic matter (compost, dehydrate
cow manure, etc.) or your favorite slow release granular fertilizer.
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Blackcurrant Ice Fan Columbine
Aquilegia flabellata 'Blackcurrant Ice'
Uniquely colored blooms offer a startling color
contrast to the garden border.

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Cameo Rose and White Fan Columbine
Aquilegia flabellata 'Cameo Rose and
Typical dwarf form of the fan columbine with
bold rose and ivory blooms.

Availability: In Stock
Mini Star Fan Columbine
Aquilegia flabellata 'Mini Star'
Clear blue and white blooms borne over top of the
typical dwarf mounding form of the fan
columbine.  A unique color combination for a

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Chocolate Soldier Columbine
Aquilegia viridiflora 'Chocolate Soldier'
Chocolate blooms in stunning array above deeply
dissected blue-green foliage.

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Double Winky Blue and White Columbine
Aquilegia vulgaris 'Double Winky Blue
and White'
Fully double blooms bring a kaleidoscope effect to
the garden setting.

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Double Winky Red and White Columbine
Aquilegia vulgaris 'Double Winky Red and
A twin to 'Double Winky Blue and White', that
offers dark red and white blooms.

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