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Alcea (Hollyhock)
The alcea genus contains around 60 species of biennials and perennials that are dispersed
throughout temperate regions of Europe and Asia.  This genus has species that have been
brought into cultivation for their majestic blooms and unique flowering stalks.  Alcea rosea is
by far the most used species in this genus and will continue to offer vibrant new cultivars that
excel in the garden setting.
Alcea (Hollyhock) Growing Tips
  • Hollyhocks are easy to cultivate plants that prefer full sunlight and a well-drained fertile
  • These plants prefer a well balanced loam, but will create attractive displays in well-
    draining clay and sandy soils as well.
  • In light soils incorporate compost into the planting hole for moisture consistency and to
    feed a growing plant.  
  • An annual side-dressing of compost or like organic fertilizer in fall is beneficial for
    optimum blooming displays the following year.  
  • After blooming the flowering stalks can be cut down to the basal rosette of leaves and
    discarded of.
Our Alcea (Hollyhock) Plant Offerings
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Double Maroon Flowers
Alcea rosea 'Chaters Double Maroon'
Bold double flowers in masses on strong upright
A solid performer.

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Alcea rosea 'Chaters Double Violet'
Just like 'Chater's Double Maroon', only a striking
and unusual shade of violet.

Availability: In Stock
Alcea rosea 'Creme De Cassis'
Blackcurrant colored flowers slowly fade to a
white blackcurrant bi-color.  A bold color for the
garden border

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Alcea rosea 'Nigra'
The time tested and always truly remarkable black

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Alcea rosea 'Peaches and Dreams'
Flower color so rich its as if Picasso painted
A must for the plant enthusiast.

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