Veronica (Speedwell)
Genus of about 250 species of perennials and annuals.  Found naturally in open woodlands,
sunny meadows, rocky sites, and swampy bottoms.  The leaves are either lanced shaped,
toothed, rounded, or oblong, and are produced in opposite pairs up and down the main stalk.  
The flowers are normally outward facing and are up to 1/2" across, in colors of purple, pink,
blue, or white.  These plants are commonly native to Europe and are now cultivated
world-wide for their exquisite bloom and growth habit.  Our Veronica plants are top performing
perennials that offer seasons of interest in leaf and flower displays.
Veronica Growing Tips
  • Veronica plants should be planted in full sun for best performance.
  • Plant in a well-drained soil that has been enriched with organic matter or already has an
    adequate amount of organic matter.
  • Add compost to the planting hole to feed a growing plant and to encourage an even soil
  • Before planting make sure the pH of your soil is within a 5.5-7.5 for optimum growth
    and flowering.
  • If planting in containers make sure to add sand to the planting medium to aid in drainage.
Our Veronica Plant Offerings
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Parent Species of Plants We Offer:
Veronica gentianoides - A mat forming perennial that has broad lance shaped leaves up to three inches long.  In early summer the
pale blue flowers are borne in terminal racemes which can be up to 10" tall.  A native to the Ukraine, Turkey, and Caucasus.  Hardy to
zones 4 - 7.
Veronica peduncularis - A mat forming perennial freely branched stems and lance-shaped toothed leaves to 1" long.  The leaves are
glossy purple to deep green and give way to axillary racemes of quarter inch blue flowers with white centers. Growing up to 4" tall and
spreading 24" wide.  Originating in Turkey, Caucasus, and Ukraine.  Hardy to Zone 6 - 8.

Veronica spicata - A mat forming perennial that produces hairy lance shaped leaves to 3" long, which give way to 12" long flowering
spikes in late summer.  Native to Europe and Turkey. Zones 3 - 8.
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Veronica incana 'Silbersee'
Veronica incana 'Silbersee'
Snowy foliage with true blue blooms.  A unique
plant that adds cool tones to the garden border.

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Veronica spicata 'Blue Bouquet'
Dwarf plants with deep green foliage and bold
purple blooms.

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