• Standard bell pepper type
  • Bushy plants produce thick canopy,
    which helps protect fruit from sun scald.
  • Sturdy stems hold plants upright, even
    when full of fruit.
  • Six to ten peppers produced at a time per
    plant; with well over thirty produced
    throughout the growing season (based on
    our trials here in Delaware).
  • Fruit is large and blocky
  • Low seed count for easier processing
  • Tender sidewalls and delectable taste
Pepper 'California Wonder Orange' Facts
Fruit Size:
3.5" across, 5" long
Days to Maturity:
60 - 80
12" - 18"
Soil Type:
Fruit Type:
Sweet Bell Pepper
Soil pH:
5.5 - 7.0
Uses: Great for stuffing, adding to stir fries, and fresh eating.
Our Pepper ‘CA Wonder Orange’ transplants are hearty 2.5” plug stock (4”–6” tall)
and we also offer larger 3" potted plants (6" - 10" tall)
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2.5" Plug Stock Plants (4" - 6" tall)
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Larger 3" Potted Plants (6"-10" tall)
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Pepper 'California Wonder Orange'
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