Parent Species of Plants We Offer:
Malva moschata
(Musk Mallow) has pure white flowers with pink centers up to 2.5" across.  This malva has two different leaf types
on the same plant.  The bottom basal leaves are heart shaped, and the flowering stalk leaves are pinnatisect(opposite lobes are deeply
cut almost to the midrib).  Both leaf types are deep green and have a glossy appearance.  Brought in cultivation for the unique leaves,
beautiful flowers, and neat growth habit.  Native to Europe and N.W. Africa.  Grows up to 36" tall and spreads 24" wide.  

Malva sylvestris (Cheeses) is a bushy round leaved mallow, that produces flowers up to 2.5" in across from late spring to autumn.  
Cultivated for its colorful veined flowers and tough characteristics.  Grows up to 4' tall and spreading 24" wide. This plant is native to
N. Europe, N. Africa, and S.W. Asia.
Malva Plants (Hollyhock Mallow Plants)
The genus Malva contains about thirty species of annuals, biennials, and perennials.  These
species are found in dry, open habitats, waste ground, and roadsides, throughout Europe,
North Africa, and temperate Asia.  The rounded kidney-like leaves are either toothed, shallowly
lobed, or pinnasect (opposite lobes that are deeply cut, almost to midrib).  Grown for ease of
culture and unique flower forms and colors.  Our malva offerings are perennial plants that
offer large blooms, long blooming seasons, and durability to the garden border.
Malva Growing Tips
  • Plant in a well-drained soil that is located where the plants will receive at least six hours
    of direct sunlight.
  • Space plants eighteen to twenty inches apart to allow proper air circulation, especially
    needed in rich soils where leaf cover is more dense.  
  • Keep soil evenly moist for a longer blooming season and better overall displays.
  • Avoid quick feeding nitrogen rich fertilizers, as they will decrease the blooming season,
    create more leaf cover, and a more favorable environment for fungal and bacterial
    pathgens.  In arid soils use compost or like organic matter instead.
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Malva sylvestris 'Zebrina'
Large kidney shaped leaves with heavily striped
flowers borne amongst them.  A popular cultivar.

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