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The genus hibiscus is comprised of more than two hundred species of the most exquisite
plants on earth.  Our focus is on the popular hardy hibiscus that is quickly becoming a garden
favorite.  Most hardy hibiscus cultivars on the market today are hybrids that have definite
parentage to the more than six species native to the US and may have genetics from the
tropical hibiscus of Asia.  These hybrid offerings bring the best of each species into a plant that
is well suited for the garden setting.
Hibiscus Growing Tips
  • Grow in a moist soil that is rich in organic matter for best results.
  • Keep plants moist throughout the growing season for optimum blooming and leaf set.
  • Mulch plants to conserve soil moisture.
  • A good method for higher bloom counts is to pinch the plants back once they reach two
    feet all.  This encourages lateral branching, which results in a more robust blooming
  • Pinch/pull spent blooms for a cleaner appearance.
Hibiscus 'Crown Jewels'
Our Hardy Hibiscus Plant Offerings
Hibiscus 'Crown Jewels'
Hibiscus 'Fantasia' Plants
Hibiscus 'Fantasia' PP11853
Large lavender blooms with slight ruffling are
borne over attractive deep green foliage.

Availability: 3/2/15
Hibiscus 'Fireball' Plants
Hibiscus 'Fireball' PP13631
Heavily dissected foliage is deep purple and gives
way to radiant red blooms.

Availability: 3/2/15
Hibiscus 'Lady Baltimore' Plants
Hibiscus 'Lady Baltimore'
A popular cultivar that has been grown for decades
for it's showy blooms, dissected foliage, and
showy blooms.

Availability: 3/2/15
Hibiscus 'Robert Fleming' Plants
Hibiscus 'Robert Fleming' PP14776
Radiant and flawless scarlet red blooms over top
deep green foliage.

Availability: 3/2/15
Hibiscus 'Sweet Caroline' Plants
Hibiscus 'Sweet Caroline'
Looking very much like a tropical hibiscus, 'Sweet
Caroline', has large pink blooms, a long bloom
season, and is very cold hardy.

Availability: 3/2/15