• Bold heads of rich reddish purple
  • Early maturing type
  • Compact habit is perfect for home gardens
  • Tightly wrapped heads are very
    symmetrical and beautiful throughout
  • Taste is tender and sweet
  • Retains red color when cooked
  • Performance is consistent; even under
    varying weather conditions
  • Stores and keeps well in root cellars or the
    in garden (mild climates)
Cabbage 'Red Acre' Facts
Head Size:
3 lbs
Days to Maturity:
65 - 80
14" - 24"
Soil Type:
Plant Type:
Red Cabbage
Soil pH:
5.5 - 7.0
Uses: Adds brilliant color to slaws, fresh salads, stir fries, and countless other dishes.
Our Cabbage ‘Red Acre’ transplants are hearty 2.5” plug stock (4”–6” tall)
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Availability: 10/20/14 - 10/29/14
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Cabbage 'Red Acre'
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